Revolutionize Contract Signing: KhatimDoc – Trust, Efficiency & Integrity

Revolutionize Contract Signing using KhatimDoc

Traditional paper-based contracts drag productivity, wasting valuable time and resources. KhatimDoc goes beyond e-signatures using the power of cryptographic digital signatures.

In addition to streamlining the signing process, KhatimDoc cryptographic digital signatures offer unparalleled security and integrity to your contracts. By harnessing advanced encryption techniques, KhatimDoc ensures that your documents are tamper-proof and legally binding, providing peace of mind in an increasingly digitized world.

In this blog we’ll drill down some of the salient features of KhatimDoc to explore what’s sets it apart!

What Sets KhatimDoc Apart?

Not e-signatures, it’s Digital Signatures. KhatimDoc offers advanced long-term eIDAS-compliant digital signatures, providing an unparalleled level of security and legal validity.

Unmatched Security

KhatimDoc utilizes advanced, long-term, eIDAS-compliant digital signatures, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of your agreements. Say goodbye to the worry of tampering or disputes.

Quick Signing

Streamline your workflow with anytime, anywhere signing. Empower your team and clients to sign on any device, from any location, keeping your business moving fast forward.

Complete Control

For maximum security and control over your data, self-host KhatimDoc and maintain complete ownership of your user's documents, identity and workflow information.

Seamless User Experience

KhatimDoc's user-friendly interface, empowers effortless workflow setup, intuitive document management, and quick filtering for a smooth signing. Sign any time, any where, any device.

Customizable Workflows

Create and manage multiple workflows from a single platform. Designate signers and reviewers in any order, whether serial or parallel, to fit your specific needs. You can setup serial or parallel workflow modes.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster seamless collaboration with internal and external stakeholders using form fields, initials, e-signatures, and digital signatures. KhatimDoc caters to a variety of businesses and signing needs.

Security and Compliance You Can Trust

Industry-Standard Compliance

KhatimDoc adheres to the highest industry regulations, including eIDAS, ESIGN Act, UETA, HIPAA, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Cryptographic Agility

KhatimDoc supports a wide range of cryptographic algorithms like RSA, ECDSA, and SHA-2, ensuring robust security for your most sensitive documents.

Adobe Compatibility

KhatimDoc's digital signatures are compatible with Adobe Reader and adhere to the PAdES standard. This guarantees cross-platform validation & trust

Designed for the Modern Enterprise

Simplified Administration

Manage organizations and teams effortlessly from a single portal. Delegate control to multiple admins for streamlined management and audit trails.

Developer-Friendly Integration

Simplify user enrollment and workflow initiation with KhatimDoc's RESTful APIs. Integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP, CRM solutions.

Deployment Flexibility

Choose the deployment option that best suits your needs. KhatimDoc is platform independent supporting on-premise & cloud environments.

The All-in-One Solution for Secure and Efficient Contract Signing

Powerful PKI Integration

KhatimDoc integrates with Khatim PKI Server for secure certificate management & digital signatures leveraging your existing PKI investments.

Secure Local Signing using Smart Cards

For an extra layer of security and convenience, you may also sign using cryptographic keys stored inside cryptographic USB tokens, smart cards or local key stores.

Branding Customization

Showcase your brand identity with KhatimDoc's white-label solution. Personalize logos and theme colors for a seamless user experience.

How Contract Signing Works

Final Words

In conclusion, KhatimDoc offers a comprehensive contract signing solution that combines integrity, efficiency, and security to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. With advanced digital signature capabilities, flexible deployment options, and a focus on user experience, KhatimDoc is the ideal choice for organizations looking to streamline their contract signing processes and drive business success in the digital age.

Contact us today for a free trial and experience the power of secure, efficient, and compliant digital signatures!

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