Privacy Policy

Privacy you can rely on
User Rights
Data Sharing

At Codegic, privacy is a priority.

The purpose of this document is to set out how Codegic collect, use, store, or otherwise process personal information about customers who access or use our website. Consent is requested at form submission. We recommend you to read this policy in full as it covers your rights and our security practices. For any issues please engage us. This privacy policy explains:

  • Your privacy rights
  • Collection of personal information
  • Secure information storage
  • Personal information sharing
  • Sharing with service providers
  • Email marketing
  • Retention of personal information
  • Cookies & analytics
  • Corporate transactions
  • Account removal
  • Data portability
  • Children privacy
  • Updates to this privacy policy
  • Queries & complaints

Your privacy rights

  1. You can request us to get the information we hold.
  2. You can update your information by emailing us or via website portal.
  3. You can delete your account by logging into the website portal.
  4. You can request to restrict/stop processing of your personal information.
  5. You may request your personal data to be returned in portable form.
  6. Automated decision making or profiling is not done.
  7. You will be informed of any changes to this privacy policy
  8. Any information shared will be stored securely.

Collection of personal information

Information is provided at contact us form. Some of your personal information may be required via phone or via email.

Query type
This information guides us whether you want help in services or our products.

This information uniquely identify your name and helps to identify you in our discussions. This information may be used in any marketing emails.

This information is required so that we can contact you once you have requested some information. This email will be used as the primary mode of communication between you and us.

Phone (optional)
This is your phone number which helps us call you to discuss your requirement.

Role (optional)
This is your current role in your company. This information helps us to tailor our discussion with your role in mind and hence focusing our discussion around that.

This helps us to know to whom we are taking to and know information like your country hence allowing us to contact you at the appropriate time.

This helps us know the details of your requirement. You can provide some high level requirement which we can further discuss over email or phone.

Secure information storage

We store your personal data in a secure manner. Personal information is transferred over strong TLS protocol providing data confidentiality and integrity ensuring your information is not intercepted by anyone.

Personal information sharing

Your information is not sold to any one. We only share your information with service providers as part of providing you a complete service. With your consent, we may publish your testimonials on our website. We may share your information if law enforcement authorities or the police forces request for your data. This is done to protect both the public interest and the hindering of any ongoing investigations.

Sharing with service providers

We work with very few service provider companies that help us run Codegic as an effective business service. In some cases, these companies have access to some of your personal information in order to provide services to you on our behalf. It is important to note that they are not permitted to use your information for their own purposes that is they only act as data processors.

The following set of information is shared with different 3rd parties to ensure you get the best possible service:

Drop box: Only used for backup of the forms you submit or any payment records which include only your name and payments months. No sensitive card related data is stored on our servers at any time. Here is the DPA from drop box:

Google: Your filled forms are sent to our gmail account. Here is the DPA from Google:

2Checkout: This is our payment gateway. Note that during payment you will be redirected to 2checkout website hence you are fully aware of this and hence provide the credit card/debit card or PayPal information there. The 2checkout privacy policy is:

Pure Chat: This provides a real time chat session if you want any question to be answered. If there is no agent to take your message you can send a message to us. The DPA agreement from Pure Chat is:

Corporate transactions

In the case of merger or us being acquired by another company, your information will still be protected under this privacy policy.

Cookies & analytics

To improve our website availability and support, we use service providers where tracking is done anonymously via cookies from by Google, PureChat. No advertising cookie is created. You may opt out tracking using the below options:

  1. Google Analytics Opt out –
  2. Google Adwords Opt out –

Email marketing

You may opt out of email marketing messages we send you by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in the email message.

Retention of personal information

We keep your personal data unless you request us via email. For paid customer, for accounting purposes some personal information may still be stored for accounting reasons.

Account removal

On your official request via email for account removal, we will remove all of your account information  in 7 days. In case you want to restrict us processing your personal information, the request is processed in 3 days.

Data portability

Send an official to get get the information we hold against you in machine readable format. This is processed in 21 days.

Children’s privacy

We only provide service for users above 18 years of age.

Updates to the privacy policy

Changes to the privacy policy may be done to improve security so do regularly check this webpage.

Queries & complaints

If you have any queries, or complaints, you may contact us using the contact us form. We respond with in 3 business days.