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Free & Paid Support

Support & Maintenance

Our support services is unlike other company. Some of the salient features are:

  • Provide 60 days of free support after the final software release. Other companies give only 30 days of free support
  • Support is provided over multiple channels including email, phone, skype, gotomeeting
  • If required, a specific SLA can be signed to provide priority support as well
  • Paid support can still be bought covering any issues found after 60 days

The focus of the Codegic support team is to ensure effective delivery of support and maintenance services to our customers. The support service offers:

  • Assistance using multiple channels including email, chat, web-conference and telephone
  • Defined response times
  • Timely status updates

Support must be logged through our formal channel as mentioned above.

Ensure you have consulted the online manuals before creating a support ticket. Most of the times the online manuals have sufficient information to trouble shoot the issue on your own.

Support hours

We provide a 9 hour x 5 days support service is available from 05:00 to 02:00 GMT Monday to Friday. Extended support over weekends can be arranged – ask for details.

Emailing support tickets

Email-based support tickets can be sent to The following information should be provided:

  • Priority level (critical, high, medium, low)
  • The product / project for which you are seeking support
  • Details of the issue and reproduction steps
  • Environment information
  • Log information and screenshots

Once the support ticket is created, a member of our support staff will be assigned which will further liaise with you till the ticket closure.

Online Chat Sessions

Support tickets can also be resolved much faster with our online chat session. Codegic offers this facility using Web chat. Click on Live Chat button available on Codegic website.

Web Conferencing

For complex issues it can be very useful for the support team to see/share screens so that both sides can witness behavior. In such cases Codegic can schedule an online webinar at a mutually convenient time. We use TeamViewer or Citrix GoToMeeting..

Priority Levels

Codegic assigns all tickets a priority level. It is important to note that the customer must notify Codegic promptly, supplying all the information necessary for Codegic to reproduce the error. Once this is done the support can be effectively handled and prioritised. Codegic defines priority levels as:

Level 1 – Critical:

  • Error that renders the software inoperable
  • A response time of less than 8 working hours will be provided
  • Work-around solution will be provided within 3 working days

Level 2 – High:

  • Error that impacts the normal performance of the software/service
  • A response time of less than 12
    working hours will be provided
  • Workaround solution will be provided within 5 working days

Level 3 – Medium:

  • Errors that affect the functionality of the software but do not degrade its former normal performance
  • An initial response will be provided in 24 working hours
  • Work-around solution will be provided within 15 working days or within the next patch release as may be agreed

Level 4 – Low:

  • Such issues are minor and do not affect the performance of the software
  • An initial response within two working days will be provided

Customers must always use test systems to ensure that a release of a supported product meets the business need.

Ensuring Effective Support

Effective support can only be provided if adequate information is provided:

  • Set a reasonable priority rating based on the impact on your business
  • Provide clear and detailed descriptions of problems encountered and any actions taken after getting the issue
  • Provide all log files, and where appropriate screenshots and any other support files
  • Confirm the issue can be duplicated on a test system
  • Document any instructions for replicating the problem
  • Confirm the version number, as well as the version of any third-party products that are related to the issue
  • Identify the most recent update that was applied to the environment
  • Determine if anything has changed in your computing environment since the last time the affected application worked successfully, e.g. access rights, external information sources, firewall rules, proxy settings etc.

All of these items help the Codegic support team make quick diagnosis of the issue. If proper information is not provided, the support team cannot act with any certainty.

Support Process Overview

  • Customer submits a support ticket with all the required information
  • Codegic support reviews and start interacting with the customer (asking for more info if needed)
  • Support provides a resolution to the customer
  • Support request customer to confirm the fix
  • If issue is resolved the ticket is closed
  • If the issue is still impacting business then support ticket can be further escalated

Escalation can be requested via or your Codegic account manager. Ensure you provide your contact telephone numbers.