Codegic releases Khatim RA Server v2.0

KRS 2.0 released-2

In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, staying ahead of the curve is not just an option—it’s a necessity. That’s why we are thrilled to unveil the release of Khatim RA Server (KRS) v2.0, a powerful upgrade that simplifies certificate management as we know it. Packed with an array of innovative features and enhancements, KRS v2.0 empowers organizations to take control of their digital certificates with unparalleled ease and efficiency. In a nutshell KRS v2.0 provides the following highlevel features:

  • Better Dashboard
  • Detailed Service Plan Reporting
  • Streamlined Workspace
  • Allows PFX/PKCS#12 Generation
  • Support for ACME 8555 protocol
  • Get Daily Summary Reports

Dashboard: A Visual Command Center

KRS v2.0 introduces an intuitive dashboard that serves as a visual command center for RA admins and LRA admins alike. Now, users can effortlessly preview crucial information at a glance:

  • Gain insights into the status of certificate of all organizations

  • Dive deep into detailed charts to monitor the state of issued X.509 certificates

  • Stay informed about the status of Khatim RA Diagnostic



RA Stats


Dashboard For LRA Admin


Stats for LRA Admin and LRA User is similar like RA Admin’s with the difference that LRA Admin is shown complete stats for only his organization whereas for LRA User stats is shown for that user only.

Better Service Plan Reporting: Enhanced Visibility and Control

With KRS v2.0, administrators and users can now access improved service plan reporting capabilities. Seamlessly navigate through the details of configured and consumed service plans, and gain insights into the list of issued certificates per service plan for streamlined management.

Organization Service Plans


Service Plan Reports


Generate Alerts for Expired Certificates: Stay Ahead of Expiry

Never miss a beat with KRS v2.0’s enhanced alerting functionality for expired certificates. Receive timely alerts based on configured limits set by administrators, pinpointing the exact certificates that require attention and ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Better Workspace: Enhanced User Experience

KRS v2.0 offers a revamped workspace with a user-friendly interface for viewing all requested certificates and their statuses. Users can filter requests based on various criteria and access comprehensive details, including sent CSRs, domains, supported documents, agreements, vetting approvals, and more.


KRS-Workspace-LRA User

Certificate Request Details

KRS-Workspace-LRA User-CertReq-Details

Allow PFX/PKCS#12 Generation: Enhanced Flexibility

KRS v1.0 supported only CSR based certificate issuance while KRS v2.0 adds the ability for PFX/PKCS#12 generation. Now, users can provision X.509 digital certificates using password-protected PFX/PKCS#12 files, enabling seamless integration into various use cases such as SSL Client Authentication, Email Signing, and Document Signing. Vetting of requests remains possible, ensuring security and compliance every step of the way.

Support of ACME: Streamlined Certificate Issuance

KRS v2.0 embraces the power of ACME, enabling seamless certificate issuance through a user-friendly interface. Now, systems can effortlessly manage accounts, orders, and certificate issuance, simplifying the entire process.

ACME Accounts


ACME Orders


Daily Summary Reports: Actionable Insights

Stay informed with KRS v2.0’s detailed daily summary reports, catering to RA Admins and LRA Admins. Gain valuable insights into alerts, statistics, certificate counts, expiration statuses, weak key usage, and more, empowering administrators to make informed decisions and proactively address potential issues.


In conclusion, KRS v2.0 represents a significant leap forward in certificate management, offering enhanced functionality, improved user experience, and unparalleled flexibility. Embrace the future of certificate management with KRS v2.0 and unlock a world of possibilities. Contact us today to experience the power of next-gen certificate management firsthand!