Version 3.1

Release Date: 3 Feb 2023

Khatim Timestamp Server

  • Support Oracle 12c
  • When NTP is added, show a message to restart timestamp engine


  • Increase the timeout in front end from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Allow Import of existing keys from HSM
  • Reduce retention period for tomcat logs to be 90 days
  • When a key is generated in HSM, ensure it is not duplicate
  • Fix Diagnostic to support Oracle
  • In installer while sending test email, use the IP address which the user has selected during installation.
  • Set the system’s default time zone while return the dates from database (UTC)
  • Fix base64 encoding issue while importing cert

Version 3.0

Release Date: 13 January 2023

Khatim Sign Server

  • Allow user to create/update/delete signing policies for PAdES.
  • Add dashboard for signing
  • Allow user to start/stop signing service instances
  • Generate signing transaction logs
  • Generate events logs in case of failures
  • Generate Certified Signatures (Visible/Invisible)
  • Add signature meta information during signing
  • Implement PAdES signing service (Software), PAdES-B/T
  • Allow generation of document signing keys and certify them
  • Back-end: Implement API for statistics
  • Show signing transaction logs
  • Allow clients to access signing service over restful interface and overriding parameters where possible
  • Updated system > instances to show signing feature and able to start/stop as well
  • Update diagnostic to generate signing service daily summary reports
  • Update installer, ask which features to install and if agreed then update instance information
  • Allow base64 encoded string with line breaks to be supported
  • Support PEM when importing either cert or chain
  • Fix logo quality which is returned in info API
  • Fix URL when pulling certificates for DOCUMENT_SIGNING
  • Fix Signing Policy Creation for invisible signature
  • Return docName & signingAlgo in signing transaction logs
  • Show Document Name & Signing Algorithm in signing > Transaction Logs
  • Improve the instances screens to shows cards instead of table. Change instance to Engines
  • Implement PAdES-XL & Document Timestamp signature formats
  • Support PKCS#11 based signing
  • Fix signature appearance for visible signatures
  • Improve debug logs by mentioning the overridable parameters as well
  • Failing to sign if either signing reason or location is missing in the policy
  • When a policy is updated, show toast in warning: Restart ‘Signing’ engine (s) to apply changes
  • Add helper text for Signature Page: Enter a page number or LAST_PAGE
  • Expose saveSigningBadRequestTransactionLog in global settings and also allow it to be saved
  • If signature format is PAdES-LT or PAdES-LTA then remove Certified With No
  • Changes as this will corrupt the signature

Khatim Timestamp Server

  • When NTP Drift Check is updated then mention to restart Timestamping engine
  • Hide Timestamp stats from dashboard if license has not permitted. Same goes for Signing statistics as well


  • Show HSM related logs in signing/timestamp engines
  • Fix Installer issues
  • When windows service starts/stop, it should record the status + date in the database
  • When server is installed in load balanced mode then don’t install diagnostic
  • Fix connection pool size from 10 to 5 for all (signing, timestamp, khatim admin, diagnostic)
  • Allow user to manage signing keys (system keys) and certify it for document signing
  • Return separate alerts of timestamping, signing and system
  • Add PEM headers when generating the CSR i.e. —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—–
  • Text improvements; Add Certificate > Add Certificate (Base64/PEM) and also Issuer Chain > Issuer Chain (Base64/PEM)
  • Reduce widths of Trigger Alert, Processed, Feature columns
  • Add Restart button in Instances to make it quick to restart. This will stop and start the engine in one go.

Version 2.0

Release Date: 16 September 2022

Khatim Sign Server

  • Provides a responsive GUI based interface to manage multiple instances of Khatim Timestamp Servers
  • The new and powerful admin UI comes with an intuitive dashboard and simple to use screens to manage keys, certificates, policies, logs, access control and more
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0

Release Date: 08 April 2022

Khatim Sign Server

  • Implements RFC 3161 protocol to process timestamp requests
  • Allows Key generation in HSM or Smart Cards using PKCS#11 protocol
  • Integrates with multiple NTP servers
  • Supports RSA and ECDSA based keys
  • Support SHA-2 based hashing algorithms
  • Supports creation of advanced digital signatures based on IETF and ETSI
  • Compatible with PAdES-T, XAdES-T and CAdES-T standards
  • Integrates with Log Managers e.g. Splunk, Grafana etc.
  • Provides access control and auditing capabilities
  • Supports multiple policy creation
  • Allows admin to view detailed Timestamp transaction and NTP logs
  • Provides daily summary reports with alerts and statistical information
  • Allows scalability and supports load balanced environments
  • Allows command line based admin management
  • Supports PKCS#10 based requests for external timestamp certificate issuance


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