Active PKI Health Check for Microsoft CA

PKI Insights actively checks your Microsoft Enterprise PKI giving analytics on its health and performance.
  • Performs active monitoring of your CA
  • Get an in-depth analysis of your PKI
  • Detects PKI weakness and raises alerts
  • Performs 250+ critical PKI checks 
  • Get access to PKI health check reports any time, any device

What is PKI Server Health Check?

PKI Server health monitoring involves in-depth Analysis, Status and Reporting of your PKI.

A PKI health check involves providing analytics of your PKI plus active monitoring of critical issues related to it. Most of these issues relate to the certificate issuance failures caused due to miss-configured CAs or attackers trying to issue fake certificates. Checking includes analyzing how many certificates are issued, revoked and expired at a particular point in time. Most importantly this includes monitoring your Certification Authority Health based on critical checks like detection of weak algorithms, weak keys, issuance of long-lived certificates, PKI related anomalies like issuance of non-standard certificate extensions, server status and lot more.

Analyzing a CA (Microsoft Enterprise Certification Authority or ADCS) against vulnerabilities without using a health diagnostic tool is cumbersome, time consuming and costly calling the need for a specialist PKI monitoring product, which is what PKI Insights in essence is!

When was the last time you monitored your Microsoft Enterprise CA?

PKI Insights performs over 250+ PKI health checks making it the most advanced PKI Health monitoring & analytical tool available.

PKI Insights - PKI Health Check on iPAD

Alarming PKI Facts

PKI usage is increasing and so the need to monitor.
2021 – Global PKI & IOT Study
  • 46% organizations lack PKI skills
  • 71% organizations have no clear ownership in managing PKI
  • 50% of digital Certificate issuance has risen  since 2019

See Ref 1, Ref 2

2020 – Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities
  • 73% of security professionals admit digital certificates still cause unplanned downtime and application outages

3 good reasons to choose PKI Insights for Microsoft CA monitoring.

Comprehensive PKI Monitoring & Analytics

Fact: Managing Microsoft PKI can quickly get nasty.

A trustworthy PKI relies on the fact how Certification Authorities (CA) are managed thus paving the way to issue trusted, secure digital identities. For any enterprise finding weaknesses in their CA can be disastrous undermining all your PKI efforts. Your CA might be creating digital certificates without you knowing or issuing certificates using weak algorithms like SHA-1, RSA 1024 or ECC-160 bit algorithms. The worry quadruples with the issuance of thousands of digital certificates to IOT or end-users. This can lead to huge regulatory fines, system downtime or complete shutdown of your public PKI (like in the case of diginotar).

With its advanced monitoring engine, PKI Insights investigates the issued certificate against 250+ standard PKI health checks. Not only that you can see trends of certificate issuance, revocation and expiry for all of the CAs in your PKI. Lastly PKI administrator can easily search and find details about issued certificates, failures, CA up/down time and get daily summary reports giving details of the true performance of  your Certification Authorities and in essence your PKI.

PKI Insights Ratings

PKI Insights gives your admin a true picture of whether to worry or relax.

Dashboard for Microsoft CA Health check

Discover hidden PKI problems in your Enterprise CA.

PKI Insights summarizes all the key aspects of your Microsoft PKI health in a clear, concise & colorful dashboard making health checking and decision making fast and enjoyable. Administrators can see the peak hours where digital certificates were issued the most, time during which failures occur in certificate issuance and the PKI health issues identified against them. There is no limit on the number of CAs to work with. You can now monitor multiple CAs in your entire PKI from just one secure user interface. No more need to login to the CA server to get just boring transactional data. Monitor your PKI health any time and any where using your PC, tablet or mobile and get actionable data.

PKI admins can now get a concise summary of their PKI Health status to get the real sense of achievement.

Prompt Alarms for Proactive Troubleshooting

Your PKI is in trouble? Get notified fast.

PKI servers issues can be very hard to troubleshoot. It is quite difficult to know that your CA was down at the middle of off-peak hours and then went up. Similarly your OCSP server might be down for few minutes or access to CRL was interrupted. You might be on a vacation while your CA server is issuing weak keys, getting requests from rogue devices for certificate issuance or issuing long lived digital certificates. All of this is detected and notified to you right away without waiting for PKI auditors to come and raise concerns over your PKI Certification.

For CAs not issuing digital certificates as per regulatory needs, get prompt alerts for quick investigation.

PKI Insights - Alerts

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PKI Insights simplifies your day!

Save Time

Getting actionable statistics from Microsoft CA is time consuming. Learn about your own PKI at a click of a button. Want more info? Click to drilled down and see detailed records on certificates, failed calls, PKI health, alerts, CA up time, reporting and more.

Save Effort

PKI Insights is specially developed to remove the pain points which comes during Microsoft Enterprise CA health monitoring. With proactive alerts, CA administrators can now spend more time in new projects rather probing existing CA deployments for problems.

Save Money

Save cost on fruitless continuous monitoring your PKI servers rather get reports via email when your PKI's health status changes. Get daily reports summarizing the activities of the. Also save deployment cost by managing all your PKI from a single portal.

7 Key Features of PKI Insights


Supported PKI

All flavors of Windows CA Server (2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022)


English - Other languages can be supported on demand

H/W Requirement

2 GB RAM, Core i5 2.4 GHz CPU, 500 MB Hard disk

Pricing & Maintenance


  • PKI Insight is charged per CA

  • Get 10% discount for 2 or more CAs

  • Test & Staging PKI environments are charged at half price

  • Price inclusive of first 12 months of maintenance plan

Maintenance Plan

With active annual software maintenance plan you:

  • Keep your PKI Insights installation safe and secure with the latest security updates

  • Get free access to the newest features, enhancements, and bug fixes for PKI Insights

  • Get premium support from our technical engineers (within 24 hours on business days)

Has your maintenance expired?

When you buy a PKI Insights license, you automatically get free 12 months of maintenance.
Want to renew your maintenance plan? The price for 12 months is 25% of your license’s (current) list price.

Save more with extended supported:

  • Extend for 24 months and save 10%

  • Extend for 36 months and save 15% best value

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Still not convinced?

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Quick PKI Analysis

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Monitors entire PKI Infrastructure

Root CAs, Sub CAs, Certificates, CRLs, OCSP - PKI Insights efficiently keeps an eye on your entire PKI.

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