Secure apps with Code Signing Certificates

Application code of any form (.dll, .so, .exe, .jar etc.) needs to be trusted. With hacking on the rise, ensuring that the application is from the application provider or owner is important. In Code signing, the application code is digitally signed hence protecting its integrity and identity. Without digitally sign code, Hackers can easily make a copy of the application code and launch it with the same name while consumers who install them and are now exposed to attacks. Codegic issued code signing certificate:

  • Supports all versions of Windows
  • Once the Root CA is manually trusted, get no Unknown Publisher warnings
  • Get long-term code signing certificate at a fraction of cost of what others charge

Code Signing Certificate Usage

Code Signing Certificate technically speaking is an X.509 Digital Certificate following RFC 5280. Code Signing Certificate can be used in following ways:

Microsoft Authenticode Signing

Java Signing

Apple OS X Signing

Android Apps Signing

Microsoft Office VBA Signing

Microsoft Office VBA Signing

Windows Phone Apps Signing

Qualcomm Brew App Signing

Microsoft Office Document Security

Windows Vista x64 Kernel Mode Signing

How to use a Code Signing Certificate

Once you get the PKCS#12/PFX file you can use different applications to sign your code. Some of these are:

PKI Technology

Get your Free Code Signing Certificate

Majority of the vendors charge a lot for their code signing certificate so as they are publically trusted Certifiation Authorities and hence have administrative cost. While Codegic is not a publically trusted CA, our code signing certificate is free and for long term cost fraction of what others charge. Codegic provides you 30 days free code signing certificate.

Get your Code Signing Certificate

To issue digital certificates, you will be redirected to create a free account.

How to install the Code signing certificate file

On Windows, once downloaded, double click on the PFX/PKCS#12. This will launch the certificate import wizard. Enter the PFX/PKCS#12 password in the wizard. Once installed, open windows certificates (search for user or machine certificate on Windows 10) and then look inside Personal Key Store.